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原标题:作为吃货,不得不知的南非美食历史和经典美食 South African Food: History, Recipes


They say too many cooks spoil the soup, but the infusion of over 9 influences is what makes South African food what it is today.


African food is colourful, interesting and alien to most visitors. It also tastes terrific. A well-prepared local meal can be a highlight of your trip to South Africa.


South African food is not just a substance consumed to provide essential nutrients to the body, but its rich flavour and texture goes as far back as 100,000 years ago. It is not just food, but a work of cultural art!


History of South African Food


Just as the story begins with every African country, the early South Africans were Bushmen. They had to hunt and gather, so they depended on foods such as tortoises, coconuts, crayfish, Fish and Squash (fleshy edible fruit with a thick outer layer when mature). Biltong (dried meat, processed and spiced) and beskuits (dried sweetened biscuits) were popular South African foods back in the days and are both still enjoyed by many today.


The Bantu’s were good with their hands and knew their work out in the fields. Coming from the northern part, the introduction of modern agriculture was left to them. They taught the locals how to grow fruits, vegetables and edible tuber.


A Blend Of Various Countries


Over the years, the South African food became diverse with the arrival of the Portuguese, Dutch, the French (known for making wines), the Germans, British, Indians, Chinese and the Indonesians. Not forgetting the Malaysian’s from the east, who worked on farms or with fishermen, bringing with them various spices that added flavour to various dishes. Below are examples, recipes and preparations of some of the most popular South African foods known now worldwide:



There is something about Africans and meat. In South Africa, it’s all about the “Biltong”; a form of dried, treated meat spiced to perfection. There are various types of meat (from beef, game meats, to fillets of ostrich) used to produce this meal.



Boerewors, known as one of the best in the world; is a popular South African food. The name is derived from the Afrikaans words boer (which means “farmer”) and wors (which means “sausage”).



Potjiekos, pronounced ‘poi-key-cos,’ is directly translated as ‘pot food.’ The dish consists of a variety of ingredients, typically meat and vegetables, layered in a round cast-iron pot and placed on open coals. This style of cooking dates back to the 1500s and epitomizes South African cuisine, rivaled only by the ever-so-popular braai.



A abundance of Seafood is found along the South African Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastlines. Lobster, octopus; King Klip, and Hake fish (Cape Whiting) are popular seafood selections. They are usually enjoyed with Potato fries, boiled/baked potatoes, fresh corn and lots more.



A fiery South African vegetable relish, that is usually made from carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas and beans. In its earliest forms, the dish was a staple for those who lived in the townships of Johannesburg, South Africa. Chakalaka is usually spicy, that is traditionally served with bread, pap, rice, stews, or curries and is an important condiment for any South African braai (barbecue).

南非甜点—South African Desserts


A typical South African dessert will include a variety of colorful fruit mixes, such as grapes, melons, peaches, citrus, apricots, just to name a few. Dried fruits are some of the popular desserts known and exported to many countries all over the world from South Africa. The South African apricot jam pudding and buttermilk pudding are great examples of the sweet, rich taste of the South African desserts which are available in various flavours.


Some traditional desserts include cookies, South African rusks, Malva Pudding, and Koeksisters. South African tarts (milk tart, brandy tart, rum and raisin tart) are famous for their varieties. Some other desserts include; the date cake, banana caramel pie and the brandy squares served with chocolate sauce.


Discover diverse tastes & flavours of South Africa known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and please visit the Top 5 star Intercontinental Beijing Sanlitun from the 1st to the30th September 2017, and experience a welcoming South Africa.

本次美食探索活动由南非大使馆、南非旅游局和北京三里屯通盈中心洲际酒店联合举办,热爱美食的小伙们可在酒店的顶级牛排餐厅—怡餐厅及酒廊(Char Dining Room & Lounge)、热点西班牙(Top Tapas)、热点吧(Top Bar)、盈料理(Ying Japanese)、盈中餐(Ying Chinese)和大堂酒廊(The Lobby Lounge)享用纯正地道的南非特色风味美食。

The promotion in partnership with the South African Embassy, South African Tourism and the Intercontinental Hotel in Sanlitun Beijing features iconic, authentic South African specialties and delicacies available in all of the hotel’s food and beverage outlets including their premium steakhouse, in the Char Dining Room & Lounge, Top Tapas, Top Bar, Ying Japanese, Ying Chinese & The Lobby Lounge.

每周二至周日晚8:30至午夜,来自南非的歌手艾丽西亚·科梅尔(Alicia Comer)和及其在“Rush Duo”乐队的伴奏蒂克(Tico)还会在怡餐厅及酒廊登台献唱,为现场来宾带来炙手可热的南非歌曲,呈现更加身临其境的“彩虹之国”南非的无限魅力。

For an entertaining, immersive experience of South Africa known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, popular South African hit songs are also being performed from Tuesday to Sunday in Char from 8.30pm-midnight by South African singer Alicia Comer and her ‘Rush Duo’ accompanist Tico, both are great musicians and you will enjoy their unique ambiance.




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